Welcome to my online journal, a collection of infrequently published, usually long-winded thoughts on topics that are important to me. I hope you’ll join me for a glimpse into my head.

Siffleur Sufferfest, Take Two

The second time’s the charm.

Outdoor · 17 min read

Intentional Inefficiency

Take the time to slow it down.

Reflection · 11 min read

Project PC Upgrades

In tech, a lot happens in ten years.

Tech · 8 min read

2022: Year in Review

Another year in a ski town.

Reflection · 12 min read

Longitudinal Tech Reviews

The true utility of tech products is demonstrated over longer time periods than are usually discussed.

Tech · 19 min read

Under-Depreciating Assets

While many assets depreciate, some provide disproportionately good value.

Reflection · 8 min read


How long should we pursue our dreams and passions?

Outdoor · 27 min read

My Journey into Tech

A former civil engineer-in-training takes up coding.

Tech · 26 min read

Behind the Curve

An alternative approach to owning the latest and greatest gear.

Reflection · 12 min read

The Pendulum Swings

Digital entertainment can have a lot more zeroes than ones.

Reflection · 19 min read

That New-Website Look

Rebuilding this website using SvelteKit.

Tech · 8 min read

11 Months Later

Finding my stride in Revy.

Outdoor · 13 min read

Goodbye Ruby Subie

All good things must come to an end.

Reflection · 7 min read

A New Chapter

Mountain-town life has finally happened.

Outdoor · 12 min read

Adventures in Low-End PC Gaming

A geeky look at how to have fun on the cheap.

Tech · 15 min read

How to Minimize Your Phone Bill

Use less cellular data to both save money and become less attached to your phone.

Tech · 11 min read

Ruby on Rails in 2019

An overview of Ruby on Rails and its current relevance.

Tech · 9 min read

HTTP/2 and Website Optimization

A look at the latest iteration of HyperText Transfer Protocol.

Tech · 10 min read

30 Going on 13

An unapologetically verbose reflection on hitting the big Three-Oh.

Outdoor · 121 min read

Why I Returned to Faith

A lengthy essay on a deeply personal topic.

Reflection · 115 min read

The Upgrade to 4K: LG 27UD68-W Review

High DPI on the desktop is quite nice.

Tech · 14 min read

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