March 1, 2020

What I use

Tools used in my work

These are the tools I use in my professional and creative workflows. Inspired by via the Syntax podcast.


macOS all the way!

Editor and Terminal

Desktop Apps


Camera Gear


Though a bit dated now, these bodies work very well for stills and are quite light and compact. Newer, more expensive gear does not necessarily translate into better photos.


Lately, I’ve been trying to challenge myself creatively by primarily shooting with a single lens for six months to a year.

The lenses used in my 2020 calendar are as follows:

Month Lens (mm)
Cover 70-200 @ 200
January 50
February 50
March 50
April 70-200 @ 200
May 50
June 70-200 @ 200
July 50
August 50
September 50
October 70-200 @ 200
November 50
December 16